The Maryland National Guard Counterdrug Program conducts a full-spectrum campaign that bridges the gap between the Department of Defense (DoD) and non-DoD institutions in the fight against illicit drugs and transnational threats to the Homeland. The Counterdrug Program is the military supporting all levels of government, including DoD, law enforcement and community-based counterdrug operations to anticipate, prevent, deter and defeat those threats in order to enhance national security and protect our society.


The National Guard Bureau Counterdrug Program is part of the national drug control strategy. Initially authorized by President Ronald Reagan and Congress in 1989, the Department of Defense (DoD) provides funds on a yearly basis to state governors who submit plans specifying the usage of each state's National Guard to support drug interdiction and counterdrug activities.

Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen in the Maryland National Guard Counterdrug Program are some of the most highly-trained men and women in the National Guard. These dedicated Soldiers and Airmen will persist in their dedicated efforts to support their communities in the fight against drugs.

Key Elements of Maryland Counterdrug Operations


This edition of "On Every Front" takes an in-depth look at the unique capabilities and assets the National Guard Counterdrug Program provides to law enforcement agencies.

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