Investigative Case and Analyst Support

The Maryland National Guard's Counterdrug Program provides Intelligence Analysts, translators and operational case support personnel from Army and Air National Guard units throughout the state. Military intelligence analysts are adept at collating information, seeking patterns, and defining additional collection requirements to support apparent trends. This is the process of collating in graphic form, all information pertaining to certain types of operations in a given area. It is a powerful tool for discerning trends, planning operations, and prioritizing resources. Intelligence analyst support can greatly expand the effectiveness of the supported Law Enforcement Agency (LEA).

Personnel provide assistance to LEAs in developing investigations and cases for prosecution. Activities include, but are not limited to, data input, reviewing, and analyzing collected LEA information. Operational support to LEAs is designed to enhance the effectiveness of the support agency and release law enforcement officers for drug enforcement duties. CDTF personnel will not perform clerical or administrative duties such as, secretarial, receptionist or janitorial.

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