The following positions are open to traditional Army and Air National Guard members (as specified in the job announcement) who are in good standing with their home unit. Position may be terminated if Counterdrug funds are withdrawn or for substandard performance. Counterdrug temporary hires may compete for more stable long term tours should such position become available and are announced at a later date. All Counterdrug members must apply for continuance annually 30 days prior to the end of their orders. Approval will be based on duty performance, good standing within your unit of assignment, along with the programs mission requirements and funding levels. All Counterdrug members are subject to a 90-day probationary period.

ARNG 15FEB2014 15MAR2014 Assistant UPL (Unit Prevention Leader)
ARNG 15FEB2014 15MAR2014 Civil Operations Specialist
ARNG 15FEB2014 15MAR2014 Counterdrug Criminal Intelligence Analyst (Multiple)