Prevention, Education and Outreach (PEO)

Through the Prevention, Education and Outreach (PEO) program, the Maryland National Guard is committed to maintaining a drug-free workforce. Educating service and family members of high risk behaviors will increase awareness and strengthen the combat readiness of our Soldiers and Airmen. PEO will reduce positive test results and increase overall mission readiness. It will help Commanders address various Soldier care issues and facilitate greater retention of personnel. It will provide an interactive bridge from the current prevention piece (drug testing) to more education/awareness training and treatment options.


Prevention provides literature and classroom education to our service and family members to promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles. It strengthens protective factors to ensure healthy, safe, and productive lives for all. It lowers risk factors through increased education awareness of behaviors and activities that are harmful to the well being of our service and family members.


The Education section disseminates information to Servicemembers of the Maryland National Guard. Education is a two-way interaction between educators and Servicemembers with proactive involvement from the Chain of Command. Through the PEO program, unit Commanders are encouraged to facilitate annual substance abuse briefings for their Servicemembers.


The Outreach section of PEO allows for the dissemination of information to Soldiers, Airmen, Commanders and families that is closely tied to Family Readiness Programs. We form alliances with outside agencies and organizations. It provides for co-dependent education for family members, and continues communications at all levels.

Sources for Help and Support

Here is a list of valuable resources available for Servicemembers, family, or the Servicemember's Chain of Command.

These forms and documents may be helpful to you:

  • DA Form 3881 - Self-Referral Form Example (you must have Lotus/PureEdge Form Viewer to open this file)
  • PEO Referral Questionnaire (you must have Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to open this file)

The articles may also be helpful to you:

Self-Referral Packet - All Documents Are Required

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