The Maryland National Guard Counterdrug Program conducts a full spectrum campaign that bridges the gap between Department of Defense and Non-DoD institutions in the fight against illicit drugs and transnational threats to the Homeland. The program contributes military support for local, state and federal Law Enforcement Agencies and Community Based Organizations as well as Combatant Commanders. The Counterdrug program's goal is to provide the nation with a drug-free, mission-ready force to defend the interests of its citizens at home and abroad.

The unique military skills Soldiers and Airmen throughout the state of Maryland are the KEY to providing this vital support. They work at all levels of government to anticipate, deter, and defeat these threats in order to enhance national security and protect our society. The Men and Women, Soldiers and Airmen of the Maryland National Guard Counterdrug Program are Always Ready, Always There – Institutionalizing Full-Spectrum Capabilities. The National Guard Bureau Counterdrug Program personnel are woven into the fabric of our communities all across America; operating in 54 states and territories.


Below are the core missions assigned to the Maryland Counterdrug Task Force.

Civil Operations (Coalition Support)

Civil OperationsCivil Operations specialists coach community coalitions to more effective process implementation. Counterdrug personnel work with community leaders through local coalitions to improve the processes of coalitions, thus, improving their effectiveness. The Counterdrug Civil Operations specialists' strategic support helps create a strong foundation for coalitions working to prevent substance abuse. The skills developed while building coalitions at home enable Counterdrug personnel to recognize and help resolve societal issues at their deployed locations.

Substance Abuse Prevention

Substance Abuse PreventionDrug testing in the military enhances readiness. Illegal drug use impairs our ability to protect and defend Maryland's interests, and the interests of the United States around the world. It impacts our safety, detracts from our many critical missions, and reduces professionalism and pride of the members of the greatest military force in history.

Investigative Case and Analyst Support

Investigative Case and Analyst SupportThe Maryland Counterdrug Task Force assists local, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies with criminal intelligence analyst support. This dedicated teams of Soldiers and Airmen work tirelessly to analyze mounds of criminal data, and return clear, concise reports to assist law enforcement officers with building criminal cases against drug dealers and obtaining arrest and search/seizure warrants.

Prevention, Education and Outreach (PEO)

Prevention, Education and OutreachThrough the Prevention, Education and Outreach (PEO) Program, the Maryland National Guard is committed to maintaining a drug-free workforce. Educating service and family members of high risk behaviors will increase awareness and strengthen the combat readiness of our Soldiers and Airmen. PEO will reduce positive test results and increase overall mission readiness. It will help Commanders address various Soldier care issues and facilitate greater retention of personnel. It will provide an interactive bridge from the current prevention piece (drug testing) to more education/awareness training and treatment options.

Aviation Support

Aviation SupportSince 1991, the Maryland Army National Guard and Air National Guard have dedicated aviation assets to the Maryland Counterdrug Task Force. Using both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, air crews have supported law enforcement agencies' counterdrug operations with aerial observation/photography, full-motion video, and inter-agency communications.